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Brie Larson Turned down Captain Marvel

The actress reveals she originally TURNED DOWN the role as she thought she ‘couldn’t handle’ the pressure of taking the part


Los Angeles: Brie Larson revealed she turned down the role of Captain Marvel at first, because she didn’t think she could ‘handle that’ kind of pressure.

The actress, 30, spoke candidly about the audition process for the Marvel’s first female-led film during a video on her YouTube channel, which she shared with fans on Thursday.

Detailing how she was working on Kong: Skull Island in Australia at the time, she said: ‘I remember them calling and saying my role and [asking] if I was interested in playing Captain Marvel? I said “Oh I can’t do that, I have too much anxiety, that’s too much for me, I don’t think I can handle that so tell them no.”

‘And my team were like “okay sure”, and then a couple of months later they told me “hey they called again are you sure?” and I was like “yea I’m too much of an introvert, that’s way too big of a thing for me, it was beyond my comprehension and no”.

‘Then they called a third time to ask if I was sure, so the point is every time I was saying no, and I thought my team were telling them no, they were not because I think they were thinking she would be great at this.’

Brie went on to explain that she has trouble working on more than one project at a time as she ‘can’t think of anything else’, which meant her agents felt the need to wait until she was done filming Kong to ask her about Captain Marvel again.

‘Time skips ahead and I’m back from filming, I had a meeting with [Marvel] and they had a pitch and they had a mock-up of the costume and I was very moved by what they were trying to achieve, what they were talking about, and it felt very progressive.

‘I was very surprised by that, by the way that they were talking about feminism, the way they were handling it.

‘They were like all female writers, female director, gonna have as many female voices in this as possible.’

She went on: ‘Part of what was amazing about it and scary about it was that I wasn’t allowed to talk to anybody about it.

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