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Ben Stiller ‘died inside’ playing tennis with Rafael Nadal

Los Angeles : Hollywood star Ben Stiller “died inside” when he was forced to play tennis with Rafael Nadal because he knew he was trapped in a no-win situation.

Stiller shared the moment was a “dream come true”, he quickly realised he was trapped in a no-win situation because Juan had teamed up with an eight-year-old girl, reports

Appearing on ‘The Tonight Show’, he recalled to host Jimmy Fallon: “About halfway through the match, Nadal stops and he goes, ‘Wait, should we make it doubles?’

“He pulls me out of the crowd, which is…a dream come true to be in Madison Square Garden and people start cheering, and also, it’s this nightmare that’s happening simultaneously. Because I realise I really don’t play tennis.

“Immediately I just died inside because I knew there was no way to get out of this thing alive, because if I hit a winner on the eight-year-old girl everybody hates me. And I don’t have enough skill to hold it back because I’m just all or nothing.”

The ‘Zoolander’ actor failed to make contact with the ball, much to the disappointment of the crowd, and he admitted he was too embarrassed to even look at his professional partner afterwards, particularly because the youngster had done so well.

He continued: “So Nadal serves it, the eight-year-old-girl hits it back perfectly across, the crowd cheers!

“Comes to me? Boom, right into the net. Immediately, just like all of Madison Square Garden, ‘Uggghhhhhh.’ Del Potro puts the girl on his shoulders and they’re cheering and she walks off. I didn’t make eye contact with Nadal, my wife, anybody.”

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