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It’s Bella Hadid‘s birthday! The supermodel turned 22

It’s Bella Hadid‘s birthday! The supermodel turned 22 which is cause for celebration (and a few listens of Taylor Swift‘s iconic hit about the double deuces age.) In honor of Bella’s special day, we rounded up a slew of her hottest photos for your viewing pleasure, because as a model, she’s obviously sported a ton of sexy looks!

But Gigi Hadid‘s younger sister doesn’t just look amazing without effort (OK, and her killer Hadid genes). Her nutritionist, Dr. Charles Passler, works with her to create a diet that keeps her looking super fit year-round. “[I keep them] on point all the time,” the doctor, who also works with Adriana Lima and Naomi Watts, told People. “What it’s really about is teaching them how to change their lifestyle into a lifestyle that allows them to maintain their goals that they’re trying to achieve, whether it’s sleeping better, or weight, exercising and hydrating.”

In Bella’s case, he designed a diet that’s high in healthy fats and protein and low in carbs. “It’s adequate protein, adequate fat, and lots and lots and lots of non-starchy vegetables. That is typically the most bulletproof, easiest, soundproof way to make sure that somebody stays on track,” he explained, adding, “If you eat a lot of carbohydrates, with your protein and your fat, the body’s going to use the carbohydrates for fuel first… If then you don’t need any more fuel, the body’s going to just turn the extra calories from the fat and the protein into body fat.”

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