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Ashley Judd diagnosed with ‘sleep disorder’ after prolonged health battle

Los Angeles : Hollywood actress Ashley Judd has spoken about how she has been diagnosed with a “sleepiness sleep disorder” after a long health battle.

The actress has talked about the recovery she’s undergone after fracturing her leg in a “freak accident” right after her mother’s death in 2022.

She wrote: “It’s been a long journey to full recovery: I have had a parasite (gone now, and featured, thank you, in the New England Journal of Medicine, so exotic was it), mono, big weight gain, and now loss, finally a diagnosis of a sleepiness sleep disorder (I now know why I always napped over lunch on movie sets!), and more!”

She said: “Y’all are so awesome for cheering me on, and I notice how often you ask about my leg and foot recovery. That accident in DRC was hellacious to a factor of 10.”

“I remain grateful to my siblings there who saved my life and encouraged my spirit as I was carried out of the depths of the second lung of the planet for 67 hours to get medical attention and that first pain medicine.”

She also admitted she was “profoundly grateful” for the insurance she has through the SAG/Aftra union, as well as her “healthcare team.”

She added: “Saved my leg, saved my life.”

In a video alongside the post, Ashley explained how the first accident left her with “a Schatzker V tibial plateau fracture” and a paralysed right foot, while her leg “had no pulse,” reports

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