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Anthony Mackie recollects being vomited upon by fan while taking a picture

Los Angeles : Hollywood actor Anthony Mackie, known for ‘Twisted Metal’ and ‘Captain America 4’, recounted a story about how a fan once vomited on him while seeking a photo.

The actor shared the story with (understandably horrified) a group of actors, including Ricky Martin, John Goodman, Kelsey Grammer, Theo James, and Bowen Yang, reports ‘Entertainment Weekly’.

Mackie told the actors gathered for The Hollywood Reporter’s Comedy Actor Emmy Roundtable, “I was in Vancouver, shooting ‘Altered Carbon’, and I see this young lady across the bar. The way she was acting, I thought she had special needs. So I tell the bartender, ‘Yo, tell her to come over and say hello’. She makes her way around the bar, and everybody in the restaurant’s like, ‘He’s so nice’.”

As per ‘Entertainment Weekly’, Mackie explained that the woman asked to take a picture with him, and he agreed as long as it was “discreet.”

“So I take the picture, she looks at it, and she pukes from here all the way down to my shoes. This is after two dozen oysters, (and) a lobster.”

Mackie then told his fellow actors that the woman ran out of the restaurant. Luckily for him, a waiter swooped in to save the day.

“(He) takes me back to the oyster wash-off, hoses me down on the (shucking table). They take my clothes. He goes across the street to T.J. Maxx and gets me some sweatpants and a graffiti T-shirt. I come back out, and this woman is like, ‘I’m sorry, can I take a picture?'”

At this point, Mackie clarified that it was a different woman who asked for this photo, not the one who vomited on him, but her comedic timing was perfect nonetheless.

“But the original (woman), she was just completely f*?” James asked Mackie.

“She was so gone. So I asked the (other) woman, ‘Yo, I was just trying to be nice to your special needs friend’. She was like, ‘Special needs? That’s my boss’,” the actor added.

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