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Supriya Pathak: Viewers will relate to the story of her upcoming web show

Mumbai, Actress Supriya Pathak says: “I think ‘Home Shanti’ is the story of almost every house and there would be similar instances which must have happened in my life and it must have happened in Sarla’s life. I mean the relationship with your children, with your daughter or your son, then the relationship with your husband.

Actress is seen playing the role of Sarla.

The 61-year-old actress shares further that viewers will correlate with the story as one or the other person faces a similar kind of situation in everyday life.

“I think these are normal kinds of experiences which I think everybody must have had in their own way so small little things you know, surprises given, these kind of things happen I think in every family. I think it happens with me in real life and then I have to go through it as Sarla in the show. So a surprise given on a birthday or something like that always gives a lot of happiness to one and that’s what I think has happened in real life as well as in the show,” she adds.

Produced by Posham Pa Pictures, the series will be released on May 6 on Disney+ Hotstar.

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