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Shweta Gulati admits ‘love at first sight’ for this co-star

Mumbai : The cast of Tera Yaar Hoon Main has been enjoying shooting with Johny the dog for the new track of the show. Actress Shweta Gulati, for one, considers the furry wonder her best co-star.

“I am a dog lover and I am happiest shooting with him. I can say he is the best co-star I have had. He is so adorable and well trained. If you tell him speak, he barks and gives such amazing camera-facing shots. I think it was love at first sight for me!” said Shweta.

“In my opinion, he takes better direction than any of the actors,” she quipped.

Shweta also shared a funny incident. “There was this funny incident that happened one day. I picked him up and he urinated on my leg. I am a dog mother and have a dog at home. So, he could smell my baby on me and wanted to mark his territory. Therefore, I was in trouble when I went home. My dog sniffed me and was wondering, who has mumma met. He thought I had cheated on him,” said Shweta, laughing.

Her co-actor Ssudeep Sahir, too, shared his experience working with the dog.

“I’ve never met such a well behaved dog. I had a scene where he had to tickle me by licking my foot while I was sleeping. Johny did it in two takes and we were floored. I haven’t heard him bark even once — such a well-trained and well behaved dog. I like dogs but I’m not used to being around one. He’s a cutie,” he Ssudeep.

“Tera Yaar Hoon Main” airs on Sony SAB.

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