February 23, 2024

Published from Mumbai, Delhi & Bhopal

Richa Chadha takes to Urdu shayri as a part of prep for her next

Mumbai : Getting back to set is one of the most enjoyable times for actors these days. The 7 month hiatus has been hard on most, after their choc-a-bloc schedules came to a grinding halt due to the pandemic. Thus, when a start-to-finish schedule was lined up for her upcoming project in Lucknow, Richa Chadha was happy to be back at work. Keeping true to her style, the actress spent time honing her Urdu pronunciation, or ‘talaffuz’ for her character.
Growing up in Delhi, hailing from a cultured family, the actress always enjoyed shayri. She has been familiar with the works of Mirza Ghalib, Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Basheer Badr, Chakbast, among others. But now, for the film, the actress is widening her interests in the same.  Though her character in the movie doesn’t speak Urdu per se there’s a ‘lehja’ or manner which she sought to perfect during the shoot. The producers also hired a  diction expert from Lucknow itself, to help the cast achieve the correct pronunciations

The actress explains, “It’s essential to stay authentic to the character and as actors it’s primarily our job to perfect every element of our character. I am glad this film allows me the opportunity. I was already interested in shayri so that came in handy. Exploring  language, places and culture is the most thrilling aspect babout being an actor. Everyday is a learning experience and this shoot, drenched in old world nostalgia was fulfilling.”

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