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Pavail Gulati wants to ensure strays are taken care of during Covid crises

Mumbai: Actor Pavail Gulati is very worried about how animals are managing at a time the country battles the deadly second wave of Covid. He said he has been feeding strays and also trying to supply food to feeders.

“I am not so worried about pets as much as I am worried about all the strays and homeless animals. As lockdown began, my thoughts turned to them. I have been feeding cats and dogs locally and also provide food and other resources to feeders who love animals. I am trying to do my bit as much as I can,” he told IANS.

He added: “I am making sure that I do everything so that no animal sleeps hungry at night!”

The actor said that he has heard stories of people abandoning pets during times as these, and urged people not to do so.

“I haven’t witnessed it myself but have heard stories about it happening. There was so much miscommunication around it that people did not know what to do with their pets. I feel just making them aware that dogs and cats only spread love is very important,” he said, adding that he has a plan in mind to help these animals, too.

“I have been working on something with a couple of friends of mine about a long-term plan. As for now, we should just be empathetic towards all the animals,” he said.

The actor said that it feels great to see that social media is being used for such a cause as amplifying requests and needs of Covid-affected families.

“It breaks my heart to see the losses we are facing every day. (I have) Huge respect for all our doctors and frontline workers who are working determinedly to fight Covid-19. Also, it fills my heart with immense love and respect for every common man, influencer, actor who is making the correct use of social media to help the one in need. While social media can be a toxic place the same medium is working as an SOS tool for many. I would urge all to come forward in any way possible as even the smallest contribution has a huge impact,” he said.

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