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Not many people know but I’m a big Potterhead : Aishwarya Khare

Mumbai : ‘Bhagya Lakshmi’ actress Aishwarya Khare is fond of reading books and her favourite book series is Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling. In fact she is a huge Potterhead.

As Aishwarya mentions: “I wasn’t someone who would read a book during my free time when I was a child. In fact, I never really liked reading books. But in high school, things changed! I read a novel and since then I have never stopped. That book was Harry Potter.”

She goes on saying: “Not many people know, but I am a big Potterhead. I really love J.K. Rowling made this series so real and relatable. It’s so interesting that once you start it, you can never stop until you finish the whole thing. I keep re-reading all the books from time to time and I am currently reading the last book on set whenever I get time.”

She further adds: “I recently completed reading Cleopatra and Frankenstein and I must say I really, really love it. It is a beautiful story that one should definitely read. It is really addictive.”

“In fact, I feel I am addicted to books and whenever I get some free time, I take out my books and start reading. I actually believe that reading novels is one of the best habits one can inculcate in their lives and it truly helps them grow and prosper,” concludes the actress.

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