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Kunal Kapoor: Good roles more important than just being in films

Mumbai: Actor Kunal Kapoor, now seen playing Babar in ‘The Empire’, goes down memory lane to recall times when he used to be present on film sets and ask himself: “Why am I doing this?” The actor has also opened up on his love for his craft.

In a conversation our correspondent, he said: “When I found acting, I understood that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life – I want to be on the sets every day, that is how much I enjoy and love it. There are times, though, when you find yourself in situations where the material coming your way is not what you want to do.”

Continuing on this reminiscent note, he said: “There have been times when I have been on the sets and asked myself why I’m doing this. I have promised myself to not end up in this situation again. Even if that means I have to wait for a year, two years, to find the right role.”

Opening up on being a part of ‘The Empire’ cast and his expectations about more roles coming his way after this, Kapoor said on a hopeful note: “When you are a part of a show like this and I hope it does really well, it opens up a lot more opportunities for you. I do hope a lot more roles come my way now, and not the same roles over and over again that I have been getting in the first 10 years of my career.”

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