December 11, 2023

Published from Mumbai, Delhi & Bhopal

Kavita Kaushik enters Bigg Boss house through wild card

Bigg Boss 2020: Bigg Boss 14 is in constant discussion. Sunday is a very special day for this Salman Khan show. This time also the Sunday was banging. On Sunday, TV artists Kavita Kaushik, Neha Singh and Shardul Pandit entered the house through a wild card. Kavita Kaushik has lived in Ghaziabad for many years. After entering the house after 3 weeks, Kavita Kaushik said that I was getting show offers from the first season. This time, at the behest of my husband, I have come on the show. Anyway, all of us have been sitting at home for 8 months. Artinst is not meant to perform alone in an empty ruin. He is hungry for the love of the audience. Mumbai is a working place. I have zero tolerance. I will try to control myself. I am a native village girl. I decorate myself according to my mood. I believe that clothes do not reflect anyone’s personality. At the moment, the correct colors have not yet come out.

At the same time, Shardul Pandit, who shared his trouble about not getting work some time ago, says that going home after 3 weeks is something like, we take late admissions in school-college and the rest of the children to become seniors Let’s try. Something similar will happen to us that contestants will try to become seniors. I am taking this as an advantage, because every contestant has shown his real face in these three weeks. According to Shardul Pandit, my time was running poorly before lockdown. Did not work. I did not have clinical depression. I was worried about not working. My mother herself is fighting cancer. They have not given up. Seeing them has increased confidence. When I signed the show, I was going through an economic crisis. I had no stylish designer. Friends have designed clothes only.

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