September 30, 2022

Published from Mumbai, Delhi & Bhopal

Jay Bhanushali shares his bond with daughter Tara on Tv show

Mumbai : Popular TV face Jay Bhanushali, who is seen as a host on dance reality show ‘DID L’il Masters 5’, reveals how contestant Sadiya’s performance made him miss his daughter Tara.

Jay mentions: “I honestly feel I am blessed to have a daughter like Tara. The first thing that she literally asks me once I am home is if I’ve eaten something. I believe I must’ve done some good karma in life to be blessed with a daughter like her.”

“Our love is unconditional, and I will always love her unconditionally. I believe that guys sometimes tend to forget their parents, but girls are the ones who never forget them, especially their fathers. In fact, every girl’s first love and first best friend is their father and that’s what I am for her, I guess,” he adds.

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