December 4, 2023

Published from Mumbai, Delhi & Bhopal

I am very careful about my posts on social media: Influencer and model Sohail Shaikh

Mumbai : He is a social media influencer, but still, he says he is careful about his posts as he doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s sentiments. Sohail Shaikh says, “I am very careful about my posts on social media. I think a thousand times before posting anything because I don’t want them to hurt anyone emotionally or religiously.”

“A small mistake can damage a social media influencer’s career”, he added. Sohail, who follows superstars like Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan on social media, accepts that the platform can be a big addiction and he follows a social media schedule.    He said, “Social media plays an important role in the lives of influencers like me and other celebrities, it helps us connect easily with fans and audience. Social media is a big addiction, but it provides entertainment for everyone. From my seven-year-old nephew to my granny, it has something for all age groups.”  “Normally I spend around four hours on it. It’s sometimes less and sometimes more, depending on my work and the ideas I get,” he added.  However, he accepted that it’s not as rosy as it seems from the outside, and even he used to get hate messages initially. Sharing his experience, he said, “In the beginning, 80 percent of comments were negative or hate messages, but I never took it seriously. Everyone has haters, but if you ignore them they will stop commenting, so now I get zero hate comments on my posts. I still get some negative comments, but I never react to them, so they have stopped messaging.” Sohail has a good number of followers on his social media handles, and the young lad also spoke about his first fan interaction. He said, “I remember the day when I went for collaboration with Arhan Ansari to Marine Drive, Mumbai, and suddenly a girl came to me with a rose and hugged me in front of everyone, and proposed to me.

“I was embarrassed at that time because it was my first experience. I was confused about how to react but I handled the situation very smoothly, I told her that I appreciate your feelings and took some photos with her, and left from there,” he added. And Sohail accepted that he never says no to clicking pics with his fans, and said, “I love it when my fans ask for selfies as they are the ones who brought me here so anything for them. If they ask for a thousand times also, I will click selfies with them.”

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