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Debina Bonnerjee responds to trolls who slammed her for holding her baby carelessly

Mumbai, Popular TV actress Debina Bonnerjee has responded to social media users slamming her for holding her newborn baby in a careless manner.

Recently Debina had shared a video in which she was seen holding her daughter in one arm and singing to a song by Elvis Persley.

Debina and Gurmeet Choudhary welcomed their first child, a baby girl, on April 3. They named their daughter Lianna.

After she posted the reel, while many of her fans admired her, some also started trolling her on the way she was holding the newborn baby.

One user wrote: “U know what’s best for your child. But holding a newborn baby like that is scary. And the problem is nowadays we share everything so it becomes everyone’s business.”

Another wrote: “Look at the way u r holding kid for a video”

Debina responded to the trolls, who keep raising questions on why she calls her mother-in-law ‘aunty’ and not ‘mummy’.

“So many questions you have!! Why I hold my baby a certain way…Why I call my mother-in-law aunty and not mummy…Any more questions? All I say is I am surrounded by a few pair of protective hands as you can see who say it’s all fine,” she wrote. She also shared a picture with her family.

Recently, Debina celebrated her first Mother’s Day and shared adorable pictures on her Instagram handle.

She captioned it: “Happy Mother’s Day to me ! And to my mother who is my rock guiding me seamlessly in this journey (at all stages) what would I have done without you And to my mother in law for being the bestest breather and trusting me at all times.”

“The journey of motherhood was made easy by my husband @guruchoudhary by being THERE at all times when my body tires. And @lianna_choudhary for making me a mother. You are my life my little darling,” she added.

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