February 8, 2023

Published from Mumbai, Delhi & Bhopal

Daisy Shah: Vaccination is our best shot at eliminating Covid

Mumbai: Bollywood actress Daisy Shah has been encouraging her fans to get vaccinated for Covid-19 infection as soon as possible.

The actress says that the vaccinations will go a long way in helping people fight the virus.

“Vaccines as a concept are introduced for the citizens to fight the virus and given Covid, it is the only option we must resort to, to be safe. People can be infected by the virus in general so taking the vaccination surely diminishes the effect and the chances of someone contracting the virus. It is our best shot at eliminating Covid-19 and we must promote the vaccination drives across the globe,” says Daisy.

The actress says that it is important to spread as much awareness as possible about Covid-19 so that people can be careful.

“The more we talk about Covid-19 and the situation outside or how it is harming us as a country; the more we will create awareness and educate people. Through this awareness, people will be more thoughtful while stepping out of the house, taking care of themselves following all the precautionary measures, etc. Once they start taking care of themselves, they automatically take care of their loved ones and the people around them,” she says.

The times are tough and talking about how she is coping up with the stress, the actress says, “One needs to understand that it is not time that defines you. It is you that defines time. No matter how tough the situation is outside, always remember that you are tougher than any situation that erupts. Once you put yourself down and surrender to your fear to the situation, the game is over. This is how I deal with stress. I do not let stress take over my mental state and I fight it to make sure it doesn’t get into me,” she says.

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