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Chhavi Mittal: love is helping me to recover from breast cancer surgery

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Mumbai, Chhavi Mittal Hussein is an Indian film and television actress. The actress underwent surgery on April 25.

Sharing a note with her picture on Instagram, Chhavi revealed that she has had surgeries and injuries in the past that led her to suffer a lot of pain but eventually it’s about healing which takes its own time. But how currently no painkiller is helping her.

She wrote, “It’s amazing how quickly we forget pain. The pain I felt after the C section, or the one I had after an ovarian surgery years ago.. or the excruciating pain of my back injury which also healed. I’m holding on to that feeling of forgetting the pain, to focus on the time that’ll come after a few days.. coz right now there’s so much pain that no amount of pain killer is helping.”

She continued adding that visitors and the outpouring of love on social media was helping her.

“What’s helping though is seeing the smiles on the faces of well wishers who are coming to visit me.. and the messages u guys are sending.. typing is a struggle rn, even double tapping the msgs, but please know that I’m reading as much as i can and thank you for that.”

Considering she was caught dancing prior to her surgery, she wrote humorously: “I’ve been strictly instructed by my surgeons to not post any dance reels? but not that I can rn,”

Chhavi’s breast cancer surgery lasted for 6 hours but the actress shared in a post that she is relieved that the worst is over and the road to recovery has begun. She has been creating breast cancer awareness sharing her experiences of going through several tests and procedures after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

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