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Chhavi Mittal: Cancer should not be the reason to stop living your life

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Mumbai, Actress Chhavi Mittal recently underwent surgery after she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Ever since she was diagnosed with it, the actress has been vocal about it and sharing inspiring and motivational posts on her social media handle.

Keeping up with the trajectory, she recently shared a thought-provoking post about how Cancer should not be the reason to stop living your life.

Chhavi recalled being nervous and unsure before her salon session. Chhavi shared, “As per doctor’s orders, I had gone down to
the salon at the hospital to get a hair wash. He
recommended that it’s safer than trying to do it myself. I agreed. I wouldn’t deny that I was nervous and unsure, but only about whether I’d be able to walk that much. I was definitely looking forward to anything that would remotely make me feel normal!”

Sharing what she resorts to in order to feel normal Chhavi said, “Last evening I came back home and went for a late evening walk with my bestie coz again, I just wanted to feel normal. May I take a moment here and assert that cancer is not something ANYBODY is happy about getting. But if someone does get it, it shouldn’t be the reason to be morose, scared or uncertain or to stop living your life. In fact it’s all the more reason to live your life to the fullest!
And for the care givers, these little things matter.. more than you think…. to uplift someone’s mood and turn them away from the precipice of negativity.”

She ended the note by sharing what she is looking forward to. She penned, “My surgery is behind me, I’ll take around a month to fully recover, then the treatment (chemo/radiation I don’t know yet) will begin, then the cancer meds and along with it a lifestyle change will be in order. Am I low? No. Am I up for this challenge? Hell yes! Jo hai dekhenge, aur kucch accha hi karenge! As for baby steps, I’ll get my nails done this week!”

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