January 25, 2022

Published from Mumbai, Delhi & Bhopal

Ashmit Patel: Every story I was or will be part of has class, not vulgarity

Mumbai : Actor Ashmit Patel, who is known for his roles in movies likes ‘Inteha’, ‘Murder’, ‘Nazar’ and many more, reveals about his comfort zone while filming intimate scenes for his digital project.

He says: “Before I agree for any intimate shoot, I understand the required scenes in the story. I make sure that it is integral to the script. I only agree to it after I complete reading the script and understanding the scene. At the same time, I also note how much my audience will be comfortable while watching me. I’m glad that till now I have always received positive feedback and I’m certain that every story I was or will be part of has class, not vulgarity.”

The actor, who has earlier appeared in series like ‘Peshawar’ and ‘The Bull of Dalal Street’, is enjoying exploring the digital platform. He adds: “OTT technology has immense potential. Video streaming services are on the rise globally, and for many talents, it has come as a new opportunity. As an actor I’m enjoying exploring the digital space and as an audience I’m also enjoying watching a few series. OTT in itself is a big medium with varieties of channels or platforms and each one has got something unique. Each channel has their own kind of viewers. And with every new show I get to connect with a new audience.”

Ashmit is known for his participation in reality TV shows like ‘Bigg Boss’ (Season 4) and ‘Power Couple’. He also hosted the dating show ‘Superdude’.

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