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Anand Deverakonda talks about comparisons with brother Vijay Deverakonda

New Delhi :  Telugu actor Anand Deverakonda has opened up on comparisons drawn between him and his superstar brother Vijay Deverakonda, saying it sometimes bothers him a little but does not hurt or affect him. “The comparisons will always be there because we are brothers and we are very close in age. We are only two-and-a-half years apart. I saw my brother more than my parents because we grew up in the same boarding school. So, the similarities will be there because our thought processes are similar,” Anand said. Anand’s new film “Middle Class Melodies” recently dropped digitally, and he says his choices as an actor are different from his brother’s.

“The kind of cinema we are doing are very different. He is now in the big league. He is doing ‘space’ cinema. He has audiences that are waiting to see him sometimes more than the film. For me, it is completely about storytelling, not to say that Vijay is not doing great cinema. He is going to shock everyone with what comes next with his unique kind of cinema,” Anand said. “The comparisons, I will be honest, sometimes do bother me a little, but not much. It doesn’t hurt me or affects me,” he added. Anand says he is okay with it as it comes with his job.

“The scrutiny is a little more than on other actors. It takes 10 to 15 minutes from them to switch off from the fact that I am Vijay’s brother and then start seeing the character. So, the scrutiny is unfortunate but it is a given that it comes with my job. It is okay,” he summed up. The Telugu comedy drama, “Middle Class Melodies” is directed by Vinod Ananthoju and also stars Varsha Bollamma. The film released on Amazon Prime Videos.

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