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Under-utilised brownfield assets to be monetised under NMP: Sitharaman

New Delhi : Only under-utilised brownfield assets will be monetised under the National Monetisation Pipeline (NMP) of the Centre worth Rs 6 lakh crore, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said on Monday.

Besides, no land parcels will be taken up under the NMP, she said after unvieling the asset monetisation pipeline of Central ministries and public sector entities.

According to Sitharaman, the NMP focuses on brownfield assets in which investments have already been made but these assests are under-utilised.

These under-utilised brownfield assets are in sectors such as roads, railways, airports, mines, and power.

Sitharaman said that the NMP is necessary for creating employment and triggering high economic growth.

Furthermore, the NMP will bring in private capital which will be used for infra creation, she said.

The NMP estimates aggregate monetisation potential of Rs 6 lakh crore through core assets of the Central government, over a four-year period, from FY22 to FY25.

“Asset monetisation, based on the philosophy of creation through monetisation, is aimed at tapping private sector investment for new infrastructure creation,” Sitharaman said.

“This is necessary for creating employment opportunities, thereby enabling high economic growth and seamlessly integrating the rural and semi-urban areas for overall public welfare.”

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