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Smart Power India suggests technical audit of solar hybrid mini grids

New Delhi, Smart Power India, a subsidiary of Rockefeller Foundation, has recommended technical audit and routine monitoring of solar hybrid mini grids.

In its recently launched ‘Technical Monitoring Guide’ for solar hybrid mini grids in India, the company has also recommended remote technical assessment of the mini grids.

In a statement, it said that technical audit provides a detailed snapshot of the plant at a given point in time, providing a baseline for future investigations. It also outlines corrective measures and projects future performance.

“Local mini grid field personnel need to monitor the plant components. These activities maintain a proactive and continuous understanding of plant behaviour and give opportunity for swift intervention before incipient problems escalate,” it said.

It noted that the tracking of specific technical indicators to reveal longer-term trends in the performance of mini-grids is critical.

With remote data collection from in-plant sensors and automated analysis on cloud servers, these key indicators give continuous comparative insight into whether a plant is meeting expected performance, it said.

Jaideep Mukherji, CEO, Smart Power India, said, “Mini grid developers in India, Africa and around the world have led the way in establishing new business models, deploying innovative technologies, and securing government recognition and support.

“Yet mini grids continue to operate in remote locations under challenging conditions which put immense strain on plant electronics, batteries, and other equipment. This leads to accelerated degradation which in practice often goes unnoticed and unmitigated,” he said.

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