October 19, 2021

Published from Mumbai, Delhi & Bhopal

Medicover Hospitals conducts study on safety, efficacy of Covid vaccines

New Delhi, Medicover Hospitals has conducted a study on safety and efficacy of Covid vaccines, Covaxin and Covishield.

“We have done a detailed review and analysis of the adverse effects and the outcomes of vaccination among the healthcare workers (Medicover staff) and also among the frontline workers including police. Sample size is about 12,000 people,” they said.

As the results came in 13 per cent people were infected (out of which 2.63 per cent of people got admitted) after the 1st dosage and 2.83 per cent were infected after the 2nd dosage (out of which 0.4 per cent got admitted)

All the infections are of mild in category and none of them were turned to moderate/severe category.

No deaths were reported and no case is reported with any clotting issues

“Our motto behind the study is to put a evidence based study in front of the people to avoid the hesitancy towards covid vaccination and also to avoid the confusion regarding the brand of vaccine”, Sharat Reddy, Executive Director of Clinical Services Medicover hospitals India said.

“Healthcare and frontline category of workers are in enormous exposure to the disease, so if we can see this kind of result in them we can excellent results in public and we can definitely break the chain of this pandemic,” Reddy added.

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