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Domestic traffic expected to reach pre-Covid levels by end of FY23: DIAL

New Delhi : National capitals IGI Airport operator DIAL expects domestic traffic to reach pre-Covid levels by the end of FY23.

Accordingly, DIAL, expects the gradual rise on the back of improvement in Covid situation and the high level of vaccinations being achieved.

“We may expect the domestic traffic to reach pre-Covid level by the end of FY23,” DIAL said in a whitepaper.

“However, given the situation, we do not see International traffic reaching pre-Covid levels, until FY24.”

Besides, it expects the increase in vaccination pick up across the globe and lower number of Covid cases in India to allow for relaxation in international travel, which will increase more flights and add new destinations.

“We may see adoption of common travel pass based on vaccination and testing status for International travel in coming months.”

“However, it is too early to comment on the resumption of scheduled International travel in next three months.”

On the current situation, DIAL said after a low during the second wave of Covid-19 pandemic, the air travel segment is showing signs of revival.

“Lifting up of travel restrictions following increase in vaccination numbers and low number of cases of Covid-19 infection, and ease in capacity limitation to airlines has given the much needed impetus to air travel.”

Furthermore, Delhi Airport has witnessed a gradual growth in passenger numbers in August.

According to data, during the first 10 days of August 2021, around 90,000 passengers travelled through Indira Gandhi International Airport per day.

“This is five times more than the passenger numbers as compared to mid May 2021 figure, when Delhi Airport handled around 18,000 travellers per day.”

“The number by the end of June 2021 increased to about 62,000 passengers per day.”

As per the whitepaper, once the severe impact of second Covid wave eased, people felt the need to travel to their respective homes or base locations.

“Thus, Visiting Family and Relatives (VFR) travel has pushed up the passenger numbers.”

“On the Business travel front, there has been a slight pickup in demand (with gradual opening of offices) but it is still very much subdued. The leisure travel (tourists) has also picked up, with opening of tourist destinations across the country.”

In July 2021, Delhi Airport handled around 2.29 million passengers, which is 60 per cent less than the figures of 5.80 million handled in the same month in 2019.

Similarly, air traffic movements, in July 2021, was also 45 per cent less than the figures of July 2019.

The Delhi Airport handled around 37,700 ATMs in July 2019, while in July 2021 it handled about 20,800 only.

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