February 9, 2023

Published from Mumbai, Delhi & Bhopal

Mercedes-Benz strengthens AMG portfolio in India

New Delhi:¬†Luxury automobile manufacturer Mercedes-Benz has strengthened its performance based – AMG – portfolio in India by launching ‘AMG E 53 4MATIC+’ and ‘AMG E 63 S 4MATIC+’.

According to the company, the Mercedes – ‘AMG E 53 4MATIC+’ is priced at Rs 1.02 crore, while ‘AMG E 63 S 4MATIC+’ is priced at Rs 1.70 crore.

The ‘AMG E 53 4M+’ is only the second ‘AMG 53 series’ product introduced in India, and the first ever in a sedan body shape.

“The powerful AMG E 63 S 4M+ on the other hand reiterates Mercedes-AMG’s renewed focus on ‘One Man One Engine’ philosophy and providing the AMG brand promise of ‘Driving Performance’ to all performance purists.”

“The 63 series models still constitute Mercedes-AMG’s core model series, and delight car enthusiasts around the world.”

In terms of power, the AMG 4.0-litre V8 biturbo engine in the ‘E 63 S 4MATIC+’ achieves 612 hp and a maximum torque of 850 Nm and is paired with 9 speed multi-clutch transmission.

Besides, the electrified 3.0-litre engine in the ‘E 53 4MATIC+’ with twin turbocharging via an exhaust gas turbocharger and an electric additional compressor generates an output of 435 hp and produces a peak torque of 520 Nm.

At present, the company offers a diverse offering of 11 AMG products in India comprising the ’35, 43, 53, 63 and GT’ series.

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