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Yami Gautam on how she recovered from serious neck injury

Mumbai: Actress Yami Gautam has tried to give proper time to her fitness and well being during the lockdown.

On Sunday, Yami took to Instagram and shared how she dealt with the serious neck injury. “This post is very personal… Having suffered a serious neck injury, I have always had to be extra cautious — especially owing to the fact — amount of physical exertion due to dance, workout, nonstop travel, physical activity, action, painful footwear, etc., and this list is endless, resonates with being an actor… somehow it’s always been about never expressing the pain beneath the surface and rather conditioning your own self to bear it and like it’s said, the show must go on,” she wrote.

Yami added: “But this lockdown, I got to explore something which I couldn’t before! Every time I would try practising Yoga, I would be left more in pain owing to my condition; hence my experience never encouraged me to continue. But this time I self-tutored my way through and allowed my body to heal itself inside out and it has worked like never before!

“This lockdown was not about ‘looking fit’ or a workout of the day’ … it was the time where I listened & just went with the flow! I am no expert (which you shall clearly see) ! I took my first baby step towards this journey, which shall not stop.”

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