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Women shouldn’t be judged on #MeToo stories: Soni Razdan

Veteran actress Soni Razdan, also the mother of Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt, says while the #MeToo movement is a positive change against sexual harassment, women who don’t speak up should not be judged for their silence.

Soni told here: “Living in a patriarchal society I know that such thing is horrifying for any girl and that is why the movement is a positive sign, where people are coming up with their stories.

“It is easy to say that if such harassment happens, walk out of your job. But people depend on that job, it is about their livelihood, a question of survival. So while we must encourage victims for coming up with their #MeToo stories, we should not judge women for not sharing their stories.”

Asked why sexual harassment happens at workplace, she said: “When someone is humiliating and harassing a woman, he must be knowing that the victim is needy and left with no option but to tolerate such harassment to save the job. It is about livelihood.”

The actress, who recently travelled to Busan International Film Festival for her film “Yours Truly”, said: “Every company should have zero tolerance on sexual harassment so that victims feel secure while taking a stand.”

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