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What secret is Rajiv trying to protect by going after Ieshaan in COLORS’ ‘BIGG BOSS’

Mumbai : Rajiv Adatia’s entry in the Bigg Boss house has been promptly shifting the dynamics of this game. He has wasted no time getting down to business as he manipulates every contestant he interacts with. His biggest target has been Ieshaan. Rajiv has been grilling Ieshaan for being involved with Meisha and not focusing on the game. It appears that now Rajiv is after him for a different reason.
It turns out that both of them know each other long before the show. So they are privy to each other’s secrets that the rest are not aware of! To ensure Ieshaan does not reveal Rajiv’s secrets to Meisha or anyone else, the latter plays every trick in the book. He talks to him and even asks Karan to do the same. However, Ieshaan gets annoyed with Rajiv and ends up having a faces off with him. “You’re making me look like a fool,” Ieshaan blurts out. As they start yelling at each other, the question arises: what secrets is Rajiv trying to hide?
Meanwhile, the contestants are divided into two teams for a new task! While ‘Team B’ has to stay inside the structures built for them, ‘Team A’ has to get them out without any physical force. Seeing Afsana as the weakest link in their rival team, ‘Team A’ tries to break her by putting all kinds of rubbish stuff on her face. When everything else fails, they tell her that her team wouldn’t let her become the captain. Afsana then turns to her own team and demands to be made captain, but Jay tells her to not fall for this trap. In the chaos, Afsana hurls some powder back at Tejasswi, who starts coughing hard and goes down. ‘Sanchalak’ Karan quickly picks her up and carries her to safety.
The chemistry between Karan and Tejasswi seems to be growing by the day. Tejasswi appears to be into Karan, and she dials up her flirt game. She questions him why he has not married yet. Karan shares the reason for the age gap not working for him in the past. Tejasswi then tells him, “See? You need me!”

Is this a beginning of a new love story in ‘BIGG BOSS”? Only time will tell!
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