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We’ve to ensure there’s no abuse of power in Bollywood: Saif Ali Khan

The irony in Bollywood is loud and clear. While films with women in strong and powerful portrayals are gaining success at the box office, a slew of women in the industry are coming up with accounts of facing sexual harassment in the industry. Actor-producer Saif Ali Khan says fraternity members should make sure that the place is safe for women to work.

“Some ridiculous and inhuman things have happened in the past few years and I know that new talents might fear to step into the industry after knowing those stories of victims. But as member of the fraternity, we have to make sure that women are treated with the utmost dignity and there is no abuse of power,” Saif told in an interview here.

He will soon be seen in the film “Baazaar”, in which he essays a ruthless money-minded man.

Asked if his approach towards life and money is similar to the character he plays in the film, Saif said: “In a way, yes and no. My character in the movie wants money to protect his family and I as an individual believe that money is important to protect my family and to have a good life.

“But I do not think like him. He thinks that ‘Money is God’, and only money cannot give you happiness. That apart, there are differences between me and my character… I am a much more soft-spoken person.”

Sharing what keeps him satisfied and passionate about life, the actor said: “I like my creative job as an actor. Playing a part in a good film, building a character from the scratch for a story to perform… Such an opportunity is rare and a blessing.”

According to Saif, more than running after success, a life lived well with friends and family is important for him.

“I like small things in life — like reading a good book in the evening while sipping the best whiskey and eating some good Chinese food. After a long working schedule, I want to spend time with my best friends and family for dinner and a small trip. Money cannot give the bonding and affection I share with my family,” the 48-year-old said with a smile.

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