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Sunidhi Chauhan doesn’t like to segregate independent and film music

Mumbai, Singer Sunidhi Chauhan established her brand name with numerous Bollywood hits, and she feels people need to stop dividing music into Bollywood music and independent music.

Sunidhi returns to the world of independent music with “Ye ranjishein” 20 years after her last solo release — the 2001 track “Pehla nasha”. Asked if the sudden boom in release of Independence music is a result of fewer Bollywood films releasing, Sunidhi has a different way to look at the situation.

“Why are we demarcating music? Music is still coming. Film music might not be coming but still there is music everywhere,” she .

Once film business revives after Covid cases reduce, and films start releasing regularly, would it pose a threat to independent musicians? “When business will be back and film music will be back, it will have no connection with single releases. Music that is good will work, be it film music or not. When films were releasing regularly and there was no lockdown, even then single tracks were working,” she replies.

Numerous single tracks including “Uchi heels”, “Main tera boyfriend”, and ” Saturday Saturday” have been incorporated in Bollywood films, Sunidhi reminds.

“There was a phase that some non-film tracks did so well that films took these, and it became a trend. A non-film track is not situational and comes from the heart, and it can be used in a film but a film track cannot be released independently. We need to change our mentality. Music is music,” she sums up.

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