February 9, 2023

Published from Mumbai, Delhi & Bhopal

Soniya Bansal to play female cop in Ganga Yadav biopic ‘Dubki’

Mumbai,  Actress Soniya Bansal will be essaying the lead role of constable Ganga Yadav in ‘Dubki’.

Dubki’s story is based on true incidents of female constable Ganga Yadav stuck in a male-dominated system. The film revolves around the struggles of Ganga who is harassed and bullied by her senior officers and even after several pleas doesn’t get any help from the IPS officer.

In 2020, Ganga had caused a stir and made headlines when she admitted in the media that she was molested inside the police station.

‘Dubki’ is her journey of empowering herself and how she fights back against the patriarchy in the system.

Soniya has gone through several transformations to fit in the character’s skin. She said: “I feel extremely honoured to play such a powerful role. This film is very dear to me and I have tried all my best to justify the intensity of Ganga. It was a beautiful experience and taught me so much. For anyone who feels less, it’s very important to feel empowered from within and only then it shall reflect outwards.”

Soniya has ‘Khudgarze’ and ‘Farak’ music videos to her credit.

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