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Shweta Tripathi rediscovers love for space, astronomy during ‘Cargo’ shoot

Mumbai: Actress Shweta Tripathi Sharma stars in the upcoming sci-fi film Cargo, and she says working in the film nudged her to discover more about space and astronomy.

Helmed by Arati Kadav, the film tells the story about a spaceship that comes close to earth everyday to pick up cargoes that are essentially dead bodies. The craft also doubles up as an immigration office for the dead.

“Once I started working on the film, I was fascinated by some of the ideas. Arati is one of the few directors who discuss science with such passion and love. She has a unique vision of the world,” said Shweta.

“Everything from costumes to the bulb, everything was planned in advance. Every department had immense clarity and it all trickles down from her unwavering faith in her vision. Be it a small or big, I want to be a part of her storytelling for many films to come. I was intrigued by a few concepts she had in mind. She and I have been discussing some ideas as well,” she added.

Usually once a film is done, she feels that people move on.

“But ‘Cargo’ is that one film, I won’t ever move on from. It prompted me to go study about space and astronomy. I am a fashion graduate and this was never on my radar in my growing up years. But now I have been reading about the mysteries of the space,” Shweta said.

“The film world has a lot of stories to tap into in the genre. As a kid my reference for the genre was ‘Jurassic Park’, ‘Back to the Future’ and ‘Mr India’. As an actor, I never thought the genre is an option for us in India. Now that I have Arati, I am never letting go off her. Some films are deep learnings and ‘Cargo’ was that one project for me which I will always cherish. I am lucky to be one of the first actresses from the country to be taking a step towards sci-fi movies,” she added.

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