December 9, 2021

Published from Mumbai, Delhi & Bhopal

Shanmukh Priya gets standing ovation from judges for her excellent singing!

Mumbai Father’s Day will be celebrated in the upcoming weekend episode of Sony Entertainment Television show Indian Idol Season 12 and the feeling of being a father will be awakened. The theme of the episode will be based on Father’s Day, where all contestants will present some famous songs dedicated to their fathers. In addition, all viewers will also see some emotional moments between contestants and their fathers in which they will share some special memories of each other.

Hosted by Aditya Narayan and judged by Anu Malik, Sonu Kakkar, Himesh Reshammiya, the show will have a memorable evening full of entertainment and emotions. Noted singer Shanmukh Priya will perform on the song ‘Bhara Naina’ during this time after which all the judges stood up and applauded her performance! Judge Himesh Reshammiya said, “You have sung this song beautifully. I was completely lost in it. Let us not forget that this is the first time you have sung a classical song on this stage. I salute you for presenting it so beautifully!”

Meanwhile, host Aditya Narayan also asked Shanmukh Priya and her father to come on stage and step into her new trending song ‘Suroor Tera’ with Himesh Reshammiya. Expressing her happiness, Shanmukh Priya said, “This dream is like a come true! It is an honour to get standing ovation from industry stalwarts. The suhaga on this is that I could live this moment together with my father. I have no place for happiness. “

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