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Sayani Gupta, Bani J to feature in second edition of ‘Dating These Days’

Mumbai : Sayani Gupta, Bani J, Kaneez Surka, Ayush Mehra, Yashaswini and Anwesh Sahoo will be part of the second edition of series ‘Dating These Days’. The series will be launched on September 28 on Bumble’s YouTube channel.

From honest and open conversations around how the pandemic has changed our approach to sex and intimacy, how to deal with our exes, to pop culture and Bollywood’s influence on romance and relationships in Bumble’s second edition of ‘Dating These Days’ series is aimed at helping Gen Z and millennials in India to navigate barriers and challenges in dating.

Speaking on her partnership with Bumble on the series, Sayani Gupta said, “I love Bumble and what it stands for. It’s a reminder that women can make the first move in all aspects of their lives. It’s a great place to find love, friends, and potential colleagues.”

‘The Four More Shots!’ actors and friends Sayani and Bani will be in conversation with each other in the series.

“Bani and I have been friends for a few years now but despite that, we tend to not speak about our love lives to each other but we got to do just that on ‘Dating These Days’ while getting to know one another too!” said Sayani.

“I absolutely love the work that Bumble engages in, I’ve collaborated with them in the past as well. The fact that Bumble is all about encouraging women to make the first move as we see fit and according to our timeline as opposed to somebody else’s is something I deeply resonate with. Couldn’t be any more excited about Dating These Days!,” said Bani.

Talking about sex positivity, stand-up comedian Kaneez Surka said, “I’m really glad that I got this opportunity to work with Bumble for ‘Dating These Days’. For someone who comes from a background that didn’t see sexual experiences in a positive light, it was definitely the most refreshing conversation that I’ve had. It has made me understand that I can also be positive about my experiences.”

Speaking on the importance of educating the society on the queer community, Mr. Gay World India and blogger Anwesh Sahoo, said, “I’m a femme-identifying gay man with androgynous gender expression. This will be a great opportunity for us to educate a lot of people about the community and the vulnerabilities that queer individuals go through in this country.”

‘Dear Zindagi’ actress Yashaswini shared, “It almost felt like a sign from the universe because a lot of things that I’ve spoken about were recent discoveries with myself, and Bumble’s always been the one that I’ve wanted to be associated with. Super thrilled to be a part of this series and I hope that somewhere, someone connects with whatever little discoveries I’ve made.”

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