December 5, 2023

Published from Mumbai, Delhi & Bhopal

Ranveer Singh recalls impressing Deepika during ‘Lungi Dance’ shoot

Mumbai : Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh revealed while dancing with contestant Divyansh on ‘Lungi Dance’ that he was trying to impress Deepika Padukone while shooting for this track. He was interacting with the contestant in the show ‘The Big Picture’, hosted by Ranveer.

During the weekend episode, Divyansh will be answering the questions asked by the host Ranveer Singh and also they will be having conversation about their fathers. As Divyansh opens up to Ranveer about how his father has supported him in his struggles, the host also reveals how his father has deeply contributed to his success. Divyansh also told Ranveer that he is the first person from his village to become a Civil Engineer. He hails from Uttar Pradesh.

Both Ranveer and Divyansh in a conversation opened up about their life struggles. Divyansh shared about the hardships his father faced to get him a good education. Ranveer also told how his father struggled financially when he went to study in America. He further mentioned how his father never made him realise the troubles he and his mother went through and can relate to Divyansh’s story.

Ranveer also danced with Divyansh on ‘Lungi Dance’ song. Ranveer revealed that he was trying to impress Deepika Padukone when she was shooting for this song. Ranveer said: “During the shoot of this song, I was on the sets as I was trying to woo Deepika.”

‘The Big Picture’ airs on Colors.

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