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Paritosh to bring his version of Bollywood actors on TV

Mumbai: Actor-comedian Paritosh Tripathi is looking forward to imitate Bollywood actors in his style. He will be soon seen in the show “Gangs of Filmistan”.

“During this pandemic, I got ready to do this show because it’s a comedy show. Nowadays people are so upset with their lives, that they need a laughter break. When I heard the script of this show, I loved it. I have done comedy shows, but I never got a chance to imitate someone particularly. This will completely be something new for me and my audience,” said Paritosh.

“Since childhood we have been imitating people around us, even our parents used to ask us to act like someone or do some acts for which they even clapped. I believe we all have this talent in us since childhood; we copy things from our surroundings. Imitating others is not an easy task, people may not enjoy what you do, you have to become what character you play, and you have to be in your character’s limit so that you don’t overdo,” he added.

He believes he has a “very strong team and together, we will set new boundaries for comedy”

The comedy show will also feature comedians like Sunil Grover and Siddharth Sagar.

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