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Netizens are mighty impressed as Sara Ali Khan dons a saree and speaks so well at the Global Citizen concert

Mumbai : The Global Citizen concert commenced recently and had a whole host of actors and actresses participate, one of the youngest ones being Sara Ali Khan who chose to wear a saree for the occasion while representing India and that has left netizens mighty impressed.

The actress’ sartorial pick for the event won hearts, she looked gorgeous in a bright-coloured saree and a bindi on her forehead. The actress is known for her ethereal dressing in Indian attires on different occasions like the red carpet, award shows but this time she has embraced the Indian culture by wearing a saree on the global stage. Sara also started and ended her speech saying namaste with hands joined, not forgetting the Indian roots. She spoke with so much confidence and articulation, that it made netizens proud too.

The Global Citizen concert is a 24-hour music festival, that called on world leaders, philanthropists and corporations this year to defend the planet, defeat poverty and take action on climate change, famine and advance vaccine equity.

Netizens comments read :

“Really proud of this girl 🔥🔥. Wearing a saree in a global event shows that how she respects the Indian culture. A true example of a bhartiya nari❤️.”

“Sara wearing a saree on a global platform is love. She made us all proud today and the way she spoke😍😍”

“Sara wearing a sari on a global event…yes🙆‍♀️❤️”

“My Saru is looking so beautiful😭 Only she wore the saree in GC🤩 and she spoke soo beautifully😌 You make us proud by wearing saree❤️ She leaves no chance to make us proud😌❤️”

And so many more comments poured in with pride and happiness from Netizens as they were delighted by Sara’s pick. The actress spoke about the cause of vaccination and appealed to people to educate the ones who are hesitant.

She said, “With all the pain and hardships the Covid-19 pandemic has inflicted on the whole world, the truth is, it has gotten us together for a common cause. This pandemic has shown us that no matter where you come from, we are all susceptible to these tough times. We must, therefore, fight this virus together. Thanks to our scientist, we have a weapon to fight it, the vaccine. I know that there are still amongst us, people who have concerns about the vaccine and are fearful of taking it. But I strongly believe, it is our duty to educate and guide everyone. Whether it is through your social media platforms or in-person conversations, take an active initiative, to talk about the benefits and necessities of this vaccine. Because only then, can we being to rebuild, reset and rejuvenate.”

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