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Neha Dhupia: Motherhood taught me selflessness

Actress Neha Dhupia says motherhood taught her what selflessness is, and also the meaning of selfless love.

“It taught me what selflessness was and what selfless love is, and I look at the world very differently,” Neha told  while talking about motherhood.

“Everyone out there is someone’s child and you know, their parents would never want them to get hurt. So, I feel like I have a far more tender and loving approach to life as I become a mom,” added the mother of one.

Neha, who is married to Angad Bedi, gave birth to daughter Mehr in 2018.

Talking about her biggest realisation after the lockdown period and the pandemic, Neha said: “It’s tough because it’s new, it’s tough because you don’t know when is it going to end. I think the biggest realisation for me is that I mean the little things I would have missed if I was away for work even for four hours or eight hours a day. So, I’m just really glad that I’m seeing every bit of my girl while she’s growing up.”

However, she reveals that keeping Mehr busy indoors is a challenge. “But we’re doing little things like creating sand at home with a little bit of aata or making doll houses with cardboard boxes. W’re not wasting any sort of materials because, we just did a session where we sat at home and made cardboard alphabets from A to Z and then painted them in different colours of her choice. So yeah, we’re doing different things,” she added.

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