December 5, 2022

Published from Mumbai, Delhi & Bhopal

Mohit Hussein says wife Chhavi Mittal is a hero and warrior

Mumbai : Director and writer Mohit Hussein is trying his best to be as supportive as possible to his wife actress Chhavi Mittal, after she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

He says: “I feel the best I can do in this situation is to be as supportive as possible. I’m making sure that my wife is in the best frame of mind. It is not just an individual battle for her. It is a family battle and we are making sure to win over in this journey. I’m trying my best to be a shield around her.”

Mohit refers to Chhavi as a “hero and warrior”. He continues: “She’s been very strong about everything. She’s really moved ahead while cooperating with all of it and that is inspiring. I really didn’t think I could admire or love my wife more than I do, but after all of this, I do. I call her my hero and warrior.”

Mohit feels it is his duty to be equally involved to let his wife overcome.

He shares: “By being sensitive to their partners’ needs and desires. I think mental and emotional support is what is of utmost importance. Physical trauma heals biologically but emotional trauma can sometimes have a very long term impact so it’s important to be emotionally available. I feel every man should be responsible to be there for his wife in such situations.

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