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Minissha Lamba on ‘Kutub Minar’ getting honorary mention at Berlin Indie film fest

Mumbai,  Actress Minissha Lamba returns to films after a while in the upcoming “Kutub Minar”, and she is happy that the film got an Honorary Mention in the Best Feature Film category at The Berlin Indie Film Festival this year.

The Karenvir Bohra and Sanjay Mishra-starrer is directed by Raaj Ashoo, and it narrates the story of a father-son duo where the latter suffers from a rare condition called macrophallus, or having an abnormally large reproductive organ. Minissha plays a doctor’s wife in the film.

“This project makes me feel extremely proud. It’s an Indian film from the heartlands and the boundaries it is breaking and the way its traveling is beyond expectations. We knew we were making something very different but the feedback has been absolutely humbling. It’s a great feeling to be part of such a project. I wish to thank everyone associated with the film. It would not have been possible without them,” says Minissha.

Right now, the actress adds, people need to be extra careful with health, more than anything else.

“The pandemic is yet not over. Let’s not take things lightly. Let’s take accountability and get vaccinated whenever the opportunity arises. Even if people get affected after vaccination, the effects are far less in intensity. It’s our best chance against the deadly virus,” she says.

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