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Malaika opens up in front of her dear friend Nora says, “You have to deal with insecurities…

Relationships, Glamour, and other topics. This iconic Bollywood diva has seen it all. Malaika Arora, the glamorous and inspirational icon who has captured the hearts of millions with her stellar dance moves and spellbinding charm, makes her highly anticipated digital debut with leading OTT platform. In an all-new, exclusive show, Moving In With Malaika, she will give fans access to her life through unfiltered conversations.

Comparisons and insecurities are common in today’s workplace. Malaika Arora has always put her best foot forward and emerged stronger with each passing day, despite being subjected to so much and more around her.

In a candid conversation with her dear friend, Norah Fatehi, Malaika revealed her insecurities and how she handles them with grace even today!

Malaika commented on this, saying, “At the end of the day, I’m a human. Some days, I sit and think, shitman, that job could’ve been mine. It happens all the time and there are things that can make and break anyone. Somebody else out there is younger, prettier, probably more talented as well. You have to deal with insecurities like these every day of your life.”

Discover a new side to Malaika Arora’s life with her first digital adventure, available exclusively on OTT.

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