August 12, 2022

Published from Mumbai, Delhi & Bhopal

Karan Johar: I believe an image has the power to move your soul

Mumbai : Celebrated filmmaker Karan Johar shares how the wedding picture of his parents is one of his favourites and that an image holds the power to move someone’s soul.

Asked to choose one of his favourite still photographs of all time and Karan said, “It’s a photograph of my parents when they got married. It always moves me because I feel like they had a life ahead, a story ahead and a journey ahead which I know I have witnessed with my own eyes and that was the beginning of that journey. So that picture always moves me.

“As a filmmaker myself, I believe that an image has the power to move your soul and express so many emotions and that’s why the premise of Your Lens is extremely exciting as it gives an opportunity for everyone to showcase their creativity and get featured on a prolific platform like National Geographic.”

Karan has come onboard for ‘Your Lens’, a platform as part of National Geographic, to encourage photographers and enthusiasts to share the most precious captures that have emotionally moved them and touched their hearts.

Talking about the campaign Karan also mentioned, “I urge all the photo aficionados to grab their cameras and seize this opportunity.”

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