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Jail Ki Sazaa’ task sows seeds of rivalry in the ‘VIP Club’ of COLORS’ BIGG BOSS

Mumbai : The drama has increased manifold in the upcoming episode of COLORS’ BIGG BOSS. The contestants have received multiple warnings to keep their behaviour in check. Still, some of them are taking these warnings for granted. BIGG BOSS has thus decided to teach them a lesson to remember. Following the years’ long tradition BIGG BOSS introduces the ‘Jail’ of this season, ‘Jail ki Sazaa.’ The VIP contestants, Karan, Tejasswi, Vishal, Nishant and Umar have to decide who among Jay and Pratik deserves to be locked up. Both Jay and Pratik start going after each other to convince the VIP’s why the other one should be punished.

And then this moment takes the most unexpected turn. Instead of deciding on who to punish, the VIP’s start fighting among themselves! All of them want to be heard and start speaking over each other. Nishant feels that Umar’s line of questioning is futile, and Karan even says, “Time waste ho raha hai.” Umar gets offended by his statement and starts shouting at Karan and Vishal for not showing any courtesy. Karan gets annoyed and kicks the table in rage! “Itna kyu bhadak raha hai?” Karan retorts.

Meanwhile, the VIPs instruct the non-VIPs to focus only on certain food items in the task. Simba and Rajiv are given only two minutes to grab everyone’s share of food items, and they do as they are told. But the housemates soon realise that they have acutely fallen short of anaaj. Everyone starts fuming at the VIPs on not prioritising the food items. Neha start going after them for this screw-up and even calls Tejasswi brainless! Will this deepen the divide between the VIPs and non-VIPs? Watch all the drama unfold.

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