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How Abhishek Bachchan pranked Nikita Dutta on ‘The Big Bull’ set

Mumbai,  Actor Abhishek Bachchan is known to be a prankster on sets of his films and he seemed to keep up with his reputation when he disrupted “The Big Bull” co-star Nikita Dutta’s meal plan every day on set.

“Initially Abhishek noticed my eating habits and he would see that I measure the food, calories, and water before consuming them and then he and (director) Kookie (Gulati) laid out a plan to disrupt it,” Nikita .

She added: “We had a lot of eating scenes from the movie and every time we would be shooting them, Kookie won’t call it cuts and make me go on eating. There was no way that I could have not eaten the chaat and the street food while the shot is on. And we would be in splits talking about this.”

Nikita plays the role of Priya Patil Shah, wife Abhishek Bachchan’s character Hemant. The actress also revealed how Abhishek and the team emotionally manipulated her to eat sweets.

“There was a time when Sohum (Shah) had got sweets from his hometown and he offered and I didn’t eat them because of my diet. So Abhishek and the team went up to the kids who were shooting with us to go ask me to eat the sweets and they knew I could not say a no to them. It was hilarious and it went on,” she said.

“The Big Bull” released digitally on Friday.

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