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Happy bday to the pretty actor Arushi Nishanki !

Mumbai :The stunning girl spends her birthday with the lovely children from Shri Shradhanand Bal Vanita Ashram

Arushi Nishank, an actress, film producer, an international classical dancer, and an environmentalist. Even after achieving so much in her life, Arushi Nishank has once again proved that elegance is an ability to give as well as to receive and be thankful, and that glamour is a glowing inner peace.

In a world where everybody is concerned about having a blast birthday party, Arushi Nishank spends her birthday with children from an orphanage every year. She shares her smile with the ones who need it the most. She visits Shri Shradhanand Bal Vanita Ashram on her every birthday with cakes, chocolates and loads of happiness to share. What a noble gesture !

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