February 25, 2024

Published from Mumbai, Delhi & Bhopal

Gurdip Punjj: Want to surprise my fans with comedy

Mumbai,  Actress Gurdip Punjj wants to play comic roles in future projects.
“I want to surprise my fans with comedy. I have done one comic show in the past and I thoroughly enjoyed doing it. So, I really want to explore comedy now,” Gurdip  .

She added that doing a great comic act would be her way to keep entertaining fans, to whom she is grateful.

“It’s been a great journey. Surviving more than 20 years in the industry is a big thing. I am grateful to my fans for giving me so much love. I just want to entertain them always,” said Gurdip.

Gurdip was recently seen in the role of Poonam in the third season of the hit web show “Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain”. Before that, she was a part of the medical drama “Sanjivani 2”.

After working for so many months continuously, Gurdip was longing for a break, and she’s glad that she has been able to spend time with family during the lockdown.

“I have made the most of this lockdown. I bonded with my children and husband over food, games, studies and what not. I got the perfect break during this lockdown,” she added.

She also spoke about taking care of children amid pandemic.

“We are extra careful, though my children are very much mature and wise. They know what will happen if they won’t wear masks or sanitise themselves. They know the repercussions. Sometimes they even tell me , ‘mumma don’t do this or that’,” she said.

Gurdip married actor Arjun Punj in 2006, and the two have two kids — Meher and Mahir.

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