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Divya Khossla recounts how she shot for upcoming movie in minus 6 deg C for 45 days

Mumbai : Actress Divya Khossla, who is gearing up for her upcoming thriller movie ‘Savi’, has shared that the team shot for 45 days at -6 degrees Celsius in the UK.

She also recollected how she had to wear heavy winter clothing in Mumbai in order to maintain continuity while shooting certain parts of the film.

The actress said: “The whole movie was shot in 45 days at -6 degrees Celsius temperature. When you watch the movie, you will feel cold. I personally enjoy working in cold weather and don’t prefer working in the summer.”

She further mentioned, “We had to do a small bit of shoot here in Bombay also when I had to wear the layered jackets and everything and shoot in this hot weather and that was actually more difficult than shooting in the cold.”

The trailer of ‘Savi’ gives a glimpse of a riveting story where Divya’s character carries out a prison break to save her husband (Harshvardhan Rane) from a potential threat to his life after he is framed in a case.

The trailer features several intense sequences including gun fights, hand-to-hand combat, and planning and execution of the jail break.

The film is set to debut in theatres on May 31.

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