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Deepika: Being an athlete played a big role in shaping my personality

New Delhi :
Deepika Padukone pridefully announces to the world her recent association with the 3-stripes family. She exultantly feels that this alliance helps her connect back with the athlete and fitness enthusiast in her.

Adidas joined forces with the global star as her modern and fierce feminist spirit, grit, resilience and active lifestyle choices resonates closely with the brand’s core message – ‘Impossible is Nothing’.

This high-watt partnership between the icon and iconic aims to break down barriers, set new standards, explore limitless possibilities, and empower women all across the globe, both physically and emotionally.

Sports has always been an integral part of Padukone’s life, who took to social media to share, “Being an athlete and playing sport has played a tremendous role in shaping my personality and helping me become the person I am today. It has taught me values that no other life experience could have.

“Today, fitness, both physical and emotional, are an integral part of my lifestyle. I am absolutely honoured and delighted to be partnering with one of the world’s most iconic brands – Adidas,” she added.

With this, Padukone joins the league of exemplary women athletes and personalities from around the globe, who have always made an effort to voice women’s hopes, aspirations and passions, backing their free spirit and rebellious streak. For Adidas, Deepika made the most fitting choice because she embodies vitality, resilience, and compassion. Besides, the brand admired her zeal and positive energy, which anchored her during her incredulously transformational personal journey. It makes her one of the most accessible and relatable icons across the globe, sharing how inner strength and fitness helped her to cope with life’s tough moments.

Expressing her excitement over this recent partnership, she commented on her Instagram post, “When I was planning my wedding about three years ago, we kept it a secret for a while. Even that wasn’t as difficult as keeping this announcement a secret! Now, I feel relieved that this news is finally out!”

Taking forward the brand’s message, Padukone’s presence takes it forward, which is strongly focused on democratising and diversifying sports for women through inspiring personalities. With these shared values, the star-brand duo is set to create a synergy that inspires both current and future generations to follow their passion uninhibitedly.

“As a global youth icon and someone who champions mental well-being and personal betterment, Deepika fits in beautifully with the brand’s ambition of creating positive change through sports and movement. We are thrilled to have Deepika join the Adidas family and together, we hope to inspire more women to see and realise their possibilities,” said Sunil Gupta, Senior Director, Brand Adidas, India.

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