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Bhumi Pednekar’s birthday wish is a vaccine for Covid-19

On her 31st birthday on Saturday, actress Bhumi Pednekar said that she wished a vaccine or a solution is found for the novel coronavirus.

“My birthday wish for this year is that all the people who are affected by the virus and all the people that are vulnerable because of the situations currently, get some peace, get happiness and we truly find a solution or a vaccine for Covid-19,” Bhumi said.

Talking about her birthday plans, Bhumi says: “It will be special because I won’t be meeting anyone and will be with my family at home. It will be very simple and basic. No special plans as such,” she said.

She said that her celebrations will be “very different” this year.

“Actually, I am very big on birthdays. I include a lot of people, a lot of my loved ones. I get pampered a lot but I think this year I am just going to be with my mom and my sister. We would probably be on Zoom call with everyone that I love,” she said.

How has the lockdown affected her? “I am a very busy person. I love spending time with my family but I love working, so I miss being on sets. I miss working. As we all can see the world is slowly trying to co-exist with the virus,” she said.

Bhumi found many creative ways to keep herself busy during the lockdown. She tried “cooking and household chores”.

“But apart from that I have been writing here and there, have been watching some great content, reading a lot of books. I have been working out a lot actually. I have been meditating. I have surprisingly been very busy. I have been doing a lot of digital collaborations, which also kept me busy,” she added.

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