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Bhumi Pednekar feels sustainable farming should be taught at school

Mumbai,  Sustainable farming should be taught as a subject at school level, feels Bhumi Pednekar. Her observation comes after the actress did some reading to develop a small garden along with her mother at home during the lockdown.

Bhumi believes that if the subject is taught at school then the “future generations can actually practice farming and growing, as opposed to feeling it’s something very complex and tough and only meant for farmers”.

“Today, I wish I had learned more about growing and farming in school. We have no understanding of how to nurture and grow plant, grains and crop. It’s taken me a lot of reading and studying of something that should be knowledge received at lower education level,” the actress added, revealing her personal experience at farming.

Bhumi, who calls herself a Climate Warrior feels imparting this kind of education at school level will help people empathise with our planet at a time when it is continuously battling challenges caused by pollution and climate change.

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